Advanced Boarding and Grooming   740-549-9999
My Cody loved the owner,  Jocelyn Mullins.  She adored going there and always looked and felt like a million bucks when I picked her up!  It always renewed her zest for life.
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My gleeful Cody after being groomed at Advanced Boarding and Grooming
The Pet FBI web site is an information center for missing or found cats, dogs and other pets in Ohio.  With over 30,000 reports going back to 1998, Pet FBI offers the most comprehensive information about lost and found pets in Ohio. 

I am proud and honored to be their cat sitter!

They also sell the greatest catnip pillows I have ever found!  I mean these things are the cat's meow!  All proceeds from the sales support Pet FBI and all the projects in Ohio that they are involved in.  If you are interested in purchasing the best catnip pillows ever, please shoot me an email and I will tell you how to purchase them.
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Cat Welfare Association Columbus, Ohio
Cat Welfare Association Columbus, OhioCat Welfare Association Columbus, OhioCat Welfare Association Columbus, Ohio
Cat Welfare Association Columbus, Ohio
Dog resources in Columbus, Ohio
Be sure to say hello to Feebe, their feline front office manager!
NW Columbus, Ohio cat sitter
Advanced Boarding and Grooming website
Central Ohio Pet First Aid
Cozy Cat Cottage  Powell, Ohio
 Cozy Cat Cottage Adoption Center is located in Powell, Ohio.  

They are a wonderful group of people and I enjoy supporting their outstanding non profit organization! 
My Handsome is one of the lucky kitties featured in the new cat humor book by Angie Bailey!  whiskerslist:  the kitty classifieds
It is such an adorable book!  It's a spoof on if your cats used a website such as Craigslist when you turned your back.  It is seriously LOL funny.  I laughed until I cried numerous times.
You can purchase on AmazonBarnes & Noble and Walmart seems to have the best price.  
The author, Angie Bailey, is also known as Catladyland.  She created an award winning blog that is funny as heck!  
If you are a cat lover, be sure to check her out!
Visit the Catladyland blog!
Check out the whiskerslist website
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Visit the whiskerlist website!
Dublin, Ohio no kill cat shelter!