Sit4Pet is now accepting kitty clients only

Sit4Pet is accepting new clients within a 6 mile radius 
surrounding Tuttle Mall.  

Just as you are concerned about hiring a quality care giver, I am interested in accepting genuine clients.  I am eager to develop a loving and trusting relationship with cats and their owners for hopefully many years to come.  If your intention is to use my service for one time only, then I will respectfully request you choose another sitter for your needs.

Cats are my passion, heart and soul.  It's no fun to bond with cats and then never see them again.  

I  require a once per day visit commitment 
from cat owners.

 Sit4Pet offers:

Initial consultation: 

  Free of charge for folks prepared to hire.  I will come to your home and spend 20-30 minutes with you and your feline(s).  We will go over all the pertinent information about your cats and your home at this time.  Please be prepared for me
to leave with a working key.  If I need to return for a key, a $10
additional charge will apply.


$20 per standard visit
*Always at least 30 minutes

$30 - 60 minute visit

​                              Additional consultations:

If you need me to visit with you again to go over new instructions or meet a new addition to your family a $20 fee will apply

Key pick up and return:

I prefer to keep client keys on file.  If you would like your key returned and picked up each time you travel, a $10 charge will apply for each trip I make to your residence.  

$10 per key pick up - $10 per key return

SERVICES INCLUDE, but are not limited to:

Providing fresh food and water.

Cleaning litter boxes.

Administering medications.

Providing playtime, comfort, companionship and when I have the time...complimentary photo shoots ;)

Bringing in mail, fliers, packages and newspapers.

Rotating your lights to give your home a 'lived in' appearance.

Opening & closing blinds and/or windows.

Providing updates or pics via text or email.

Watering household plants.  I will be happy to care for your indoor plants, however, any outdoor plant or yard maintenance will be provided for an additional fee.

Please be sure to provide me with enough food and litter to last for the duration of your travel.  If I need to make a trip to the store  for necessary items, a $20 fee will incur + the cost of purchase.

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This is Sidney.  His family lets him enjoy sitting on the I did, too!  If you are a cat have to watch this!  teehee  Sidney is a chatterbox!
Cat sitter in Hilliard, Ohio
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My latest iMovie.
Tabby has taken over the #1 spot of the most talkative cat I know!  The title was previously held by Sydney (below).  There is a new chatterbox is town...Tabby!
Cancellation Policy:
I realize sometimes things happen and plans need to be changed.  I do not overbook myself, therefore when I have blocked off time for your pet, chances are I have had to turn away other clients.  When I receive cancellations, especially last minute, I am typically unable to resell those spots.

Since I do not require payment for services in advance of your travel (like many pet sitting companies do) I will kindly request that you send your reimbursement to me via Zelle or Venmo.  If I do not receive what is owed due to your cancellation, you will unfortunately need to find yourself a new pet sitter.
Less than 24 hours notice:  100% of the total for scheduled cat care is due

1-3 Days:  50% of the total for scheduled cat care is due

4-6 Days:  25% of the total for scheduled cat care is due

7+ Days:  No charge. 

Holiday Cancellations:  

Holidays are a peak time for me.  In 2013 I was fully booked for the Christmas season by October 31. I then began turning business away.  I received a mind numbing number of last minute cancellations for Christmas with no way to then fill those slots.  

Holidays will be considered as:  Christmas, New Years, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day and Thanksgiving.  

Less than 4 days notice:  100% of the total due

5-7 Days:  50% of the total due

8-10 Days: 25% of the total due

11+ Days:  No charge.

Early returns = no credit/refund.

For my dog clients that use my service for potty breaks, a 24 hour notice is requested or it will result in a $10 cancellation charge.

I thank you in advance for understanding that this policy is very much needed.  I am a single gal with a mortgage and responsibilities like everyone else.  


Cat sitter for Dublin Arts Council
Client D'Art the gallery cat from Dublin Arts Council